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When it comes to describing our Martial Arts Program or our business standards, hear it from our parents, students and families. Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about VELEZ MARTIAL ARTS


When a person finds something that has a positive, life-altering effect on their wellbeing, as well as cultivates a deep connection to their community, they want to share it with everyone they know! is my testimony:

My two children started taekwondo at Velez Martial Arts shortly after they first opened their doors over two years ago. I began kickboxing there a couple months later. There's been no other experience in my kid's lifetime that has brought us more satisfaction, camaraderie, athleticism, and a true sense of community. Velez Martial Arts, and their patrons, have literally become our family.

Not only are their teachers and classes amazing, but they are continually offering tournaments, free events, community outreach, demo and leadership opportunities.

I used to think about potentially relocating my family. Now I could never leave the Pocket/Greenhaven area. We feel so at home with our Velez family.

Emily Kerr

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